Miriam Glatz, 12. 11. 2008 (13:36), email

Telemarketing (m/f)

SELLBYTEL is one of the leading European Outsourcing specialists
for Sales, Service and Support and has over 3.900 employees at 19
Due to the successful partnership with one of our customers at our
location in Prague, we are looking for employees in
Telemarketing (m/f)
Your tasks
· Educate, manage and develop the existing HP Channel Partners
· Drive sales programs and promotions, complete the follow up and
reach associated targets
· Push resellers to develop added value
· Train resellers in the use of information equipment placed at their
· Detect and follow-up on the most important end-user projects of
your accounts
· Building the sales pipeline and presenting a weekly report
Our profile of preference
· Ideally experience in the sales department, preferably in the IT sec
· Comprehension of technical topics, good knowledge of diverse soft
ware including Microsoft Office
· Czech, Slovak, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Croatian
or Serbian native speaker
· Good English language skills
· Motivation and willingness to excel at your job
· Very good communication skills, perform and teamwork capability
We are an employer, who provides a professional environment,
in addition to technical training and individual development.
Convince us that you are the right person for the post above by
using our online application form, which can be found in our career
center at www.SELLBYTEL.com.
Group GmbH, organizacní složka
Lighthouse Vltava Waterfront Towers
Jankovcova 1569/2c - 170 00, Praha 7, Czech Republic
Email: Jana.Skrnova@SELLBYTEL.cz

Marta Komorowska, 28. 01. 2009 (23:27), email


Dear Sirs,

I am sincerely interested in the job you offer on the Prazska Polonistika web site. Having lived in Prague for 4 year now I would like to offer my interpersonal and communication skills you require on the position of your offer - telemarketing (m/f) in SELLBYTEL.

General information:
Address: Praha 10 - Benice, ul. U Cisarske Cesty 168
Birthdate: 03.03.1973, Przemysl Polska
Occupation: unemployed, maternity leave.

age 36, married, 2 children age of 11 and 4

Proffessional background:
Carrion Polska from 16.12.2002 - 31.05.2008 (from Nov. 2004 on maternity leave)
Handel Obwozny Wiktoria Szybiak Przemysl Polska - Shop Assistent Textile
Komenda Wojewodzka Policji Przemysl 1995 - 1995 - Database update and maintenance - contract of order.
BEA PPU 1993 - 1994 - Director Assistent
Wersal PPUH Lancut Polska 07.10.1993 - 11.06.1994 - Invoice Administrator

AGH Krakow Polska 1995 - 2000 - Department of Material Engeneering Ceramics, Specialization - Chemical Technology - Building Materials - Degree ENG.
College of Office Administration and Secretary Przemysl Polska 1992 - 1993
Interpersonal Trainings and Worshops Przemysl Polska - 1992 - 1993 - Organized by Psychological Advisory Office
High School Przemysl Polska - 1889 - 1992.

Polish - Native
English - Basic and learning intensively - chidren in Prague British School - currently starting intesive course.
Czech - able to communicate verbaly - currently starting intensive 3 week course.

I am willing to start immediately.

I am an open person with strong convencing communication skills for past three years actively involved in all parent and school activities in Prague British School at Kamyk. I do not percieve basic language knowledge as a serious communication bareer allthogh I intend to learn both English and Czech on intenvie courses right now.

I am looking foreward to receiving further information.

Best regards,

Marta Komorowska

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